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Fred and Ruth in St. Pete's

Hello and welcome to our “Seniors and Home Care” website. My name is Fred Lalonde. The picture above is of me and my wife Ruth. I consider myself to be a “Retired Junior Senior”. I am married and have 2 daughters, 3 grandsons and 2 cats. The children and grandchildren live outside our home (sometimes I wish the 2 cats did as well).

I am a country boy at heart and was raised for many years in a single parent household. I first developed an interest in working with seniors in the 1980s, when a friend asked me to assist him in providing a church service at a senior’s retirement home. I was eager to participate because I had always thought that seniors were often the
forgotten or neglected people in our society. I am grateful for organizations like AARP, CARP and others that cater to and empower this group in our society.

During my conversations with seniors over the years, I’ve noticed a number of things that are constant, things that are important to almost all seniors. These things are :

1. Family
2. Dignity
3. Independence
4. Health
5. Safety

This brings me to the reason for the website you are visiting today. Simply put, the purpose of my “Senior and Home Care” site is ” to enable seniors to remain in their existing homes as long as they want”. Please let me know how I can improve this site to serve you better by leaving a comment. Your thoughts and ideas are important!


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