Home Health Care Aide

Home Health Care Aide

A home health care aide can provide a high level of service along with compassion, patience, and respect.

Helping the elderly to live with dignity in their own homes is a goal of mine. There are a variety of services designed to allow seniors to remain in their own environment for as long as possible.

If you would like to receive assistance in this manner, or if you have a parent who does, a consultation and assessment will be done by a professional.

This is to determine how often assistance will be required. In addition, scheduling hours can be flexible for the elderly person’s convenience. Assistance can be provided any day of the week, and is available on a 24 hour basis if necessary.

The person requiring care can receive the same home health care aide, or team of them, on a regular basis. This is to the advantage of the elderly person as well as the caregiver, as a routine will be established and continuity enhances the quality of care.

The Services

There are many services offered from home health care.

Meals can be prepared, following any diet plan that may be in place, and at times the elderly person likes to eat. The person’s eating habits can be monitored as well as checks for food expiration dates.

Sometimes an elderly person will eat better just by having the meals prepared for them, and by having companionship there while they dine.

A home health care aide can also assist the person with bathing and personal care as required. This can even include hair and oral care.

They may also accompany to appointments or other planned outings.

If the elderly person has a pet that needs care or walking, that can be done as well. Light housekeeping and laundry are provided if necessary. Care plans are done specifically to the individual’s needs.

Respite Help

Another function of home health care is to provide respite help.

This allows the family to be able to get away for a few hours, or even longer if needed. This will give them some necessary time to themselves, with the assurance their loved one is being taken care of by a caring helper.

An important aspect of receiving home visits is having regular companionship and conversation.

Having the same caregiver on a daily basis allows for relationships to be built. Some elderly people can be quite lonely and may not see anyone else besides their home health care aide some days.

These visits can really brighten the elderly person’s life not only by providing much needed help, but also in meeting the social needs of the individual.

The caregivers offer a much needed service to seniors who want to remain in their own homes. Moving to a nursing home or other facility can be delayed even to the end of life, if that is the elderly person’s desire.

They are skilled in all the services they provide. In addition, a home health care aide has undergone a background check before they are hired for your safety and peace of mind.


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